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Dear Colleagues,

On behalf of the Japan Shoulder Society (JSS), I sincerely would like to invite you to Yamagata in October 2009 for the 36th Annual Meeting of the JSS. Being the president of the JSS, I have formed the Organizing Committee of this Congress with the great help from my colleagues from the Department of Orthopaedic Surgery, Yamagata University School of Medicine. The JSS is the oldest society for shoulder surgery in the world. It is indeed a great honor and pleasure for us to be able to host the 36th Annual Meeting of the JSS in our hometown.

I have invited three special guest speakers for the congress as you can see in the Outline of the meeting in this website. There will be no special theme for this Congress. Nevertheless, it will be a great opportunity not only for brushing up of the knowledge and skill of shoulder surgery, but also for strengthening of the collaboration between surgeons and co-medical staffs and that between Japan and other countries. Because of this reason, papers from any country may be able to be accepted and be presented. Presentation slides of all papers should be prepared in English, and the abstracts of the presentation will be also printed in English in the Proceedings. All participants who wish to present their papers as oral or poster presentations in this meeting are requested to submit their abstracts directly to the Secretariat via e-mail. The detail is written in the Abstract Submission in this website.

Yamagata is the host city of the 36th Meeting of the JSS, October9 -10. Yamagata is a city surrounded by high mountains, and where traditional Japanese cultures are preserved. I hope you can see the different face of Japan and enjoy your staying in Yamagata.

The organizing committee looks forward to welcoming our colleagues from around the world in Yamagata in October 2009.
Toshihiko Ogino, MD, PhD
President of the Japanese Shoulder Society